The experience of using Hondrocream

The story has sent me Andrey, who has gone through a serious injury and face the consequences thanks to the use of Hondrocream.

Hello. I wanted to share with you my experience of healing after a small "incident" that happened to me during the cycling. As A result of a collision with another cyclist, I received a series of injuries and tensile strength. So as I намечались amateur health, and the doctor has recommended the load of the body after what happened, I needed a quick result without consequences. Improvements have managed to achieve in a real time record thanks Hondrocream.

How to cope with the constant pain?

The situation was desperate physician of regular consultations continued to advise, peace-filled and caressed the date approached. I decided that, even if you do not participate, then a step with all safely. But for this there was need to accelerate healing and relieve pain. The injuries have given the complications to the joints, in order to move on I could only with long pauses. Until it has not helped my girlfriend (a doctor), at that time passed a practice at the other end of the city, for which he could not be near each time I need support.

She advised me to ask the friends and lovers of cycling, together with me, as it empties the pain in the joints and muscles in constant exercise or after an injury. The survey gave the result — so I have learned to know Hondrocream.

The advice of a physician

Use the ointment immediately after the recommendation I did. In the first place, the fear of side effects. In the second place, should consult a doctor to exclude the possibility of individual intolerance to components, and typical of "do no harm". After a brief reflection specialist, gave the welcome and I purchased Hondrocream.

The physician has recommended not to focus only on ointments, as well as any quick result from a product can not be. Then I resorted to a complex of measures, not excluding even the procedure, for which three times a week had to go to the hospital.

Live from Hondrocream

The result has made to wait long. I made it to get rid of настырной pain, unpleasant sensations from the injuries that have caused serious hardship. It was difficult to move, but after using a cream is made to free the girl from the need to accompany me in the shower (quite embarrassing, I am not accustomed to this).

You must remember that you need to follow the instructions exactly, while not forgetting that any burden suffered limb will give you complications in the future, but to overload the body as a whole is not recommended during the recovery. Every day rub the cream into the injury, I was able to speed up healing, even if you save, recalling the recommendations of the doctor.

The effectiveness of tools

As I have already said, the miracle wait for the time it is not. In a complex with all of the procedures, and vitamin-rich food, by using my girlfriend that every day has supported me and helped me, I was able to fully recover and regain the mobility of the foot. Already after full recovery with a little I used a cream as prevention for the next bike paths is not only the injury, and I must say, it helped me a lot not to get a trauma after the fall on the ice no later than six months after the "crash".

Ointment acts, and does so in a hurry. I can recommend to all your friends, sports fans, and anyone who has experienced all the consequences of a simple drop.