Symptom Treatment of Cervical Chondrosis

Causes of cervical osteochondrosis

When a doctor makes a diagnosis of cervical osteochondrosis, the symptoms of the treatment are inseparable. This is because the disease is considered to be complex and multi-layered. This or this symptom will not only tell you the stage of the disease, but also the exact spread of the disease and the key parts of the body affected.

Symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis

  1. When the nerve endings of the spine are compressed, the symptoms show their characteristics. The pain in the neck, arms, and throat worsens, and this pain is immediately reflected in other areas such as the back. Breathing and swallowing may be difficult, and the tongue may feel numb or “swollen”. The ears will hear noise and may cause shooting pain, and the eyesight will be "blurred" and "dark". A person begins to experience severe discomfort, which affects various organs and may cause severe fatigue and apathy. People want to lie down and rest. There is usually no relief after rest.
  2. The vertebral artery has lost its ability to provide sufficient food for the brain. This may present a threat of headache (continuous or periodic), loss of coordination while walking, dizziness and loss of consciousness. In addition, disorders such as confusion, hallucinations, and mental disorders may occur. A person may feel good at some point and experience any of these symptoms after performing any physical work.
  3. High blood pressure, tachycardia and spinal stroke can occur when suffering from circulatory diseases. Vasoconstrictive angiotensive dystonia and arrhythmia will not be observed until vasochondrosis is completely cured.
  4. The level of intracranial pressure is elevated, and symptoms such as "swelling" of the head caused by severe pain, weakness and vomiting, dizziness and rapid exhaustion appear.

Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis

People who experience symptoms of neck osteochondrosis in the form of pain and stiff movements can quickly relieve their condition. Analgesics must be taken. Ointments will play an effective role, they can save money. When taking analgesics, one must pay attention to the dosage and contraindications.

Consult a doctor after alleviating the patient’s condition. We must not forget that painkillers can only cover up the symptoms, but cannot get rid of the disease. In addition, it should be noted that for pain that reflects from the neck to the back, arms and legs, the ointment is only used on the neck. However, even though a person did not see a doctor, he still did not know the exact diagnosis. And he tried to "dispose" everything at once, only successfully achieving the allergic effect.

It can be treated only after a thorough examination and diagnosis. The goal is to improve blood circulation in the affected area, reduce swelling and tension, and eliminate pain. For this purpose, analgesics (antispasmodics) are used in the form of ointments or injections.

Important!It is necessary to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, chondroprotectants and vitamins B6 and B12.

Vasodilators work differently. These are neurological drugs, whose effect is to reduce the nerve impulse and muscle strength to the muscle itself. Due to their action, the tension of the blood vessel wall decreases and its lumen becomes larger, which increases blood flow to the brain.

Physiotherapy procedures will help relieve pain and relieve the patient’s condition. In this disease, electrophoresis, paraffin and water treatment, magnetic therapy, ultrasound and ultraviolet radiation have been successfully used. Massage (not strong) and remedial gymnastics (regular) proved to be good. Wearing a special medical collar will help support the head and neck.

Special gymnastics is an alternative method, in other cases it is a supplement to therapy.

Folk remedies to relieve diseases

Massage treatment of cervical osteochondrosis
  1. Massage gently with warm honey. It must be rubbed very carefully and then wrapped around the neck to warm the honey.
  2. Rub with a compound that warms up the sore. They can be alcohol-based-infused with pepper, garlic, and fresh parts of these plants can be used (horseradish, onion, and radish are also suitable).
  3. Warm pine wood bath. 0. 5 kg of decoction is being prepared. Needle and 2 liters. water. The bath was completed in half an hour.

It is necessary to closely monitor the body's allergic reactions to the ingredients used, and remember that these remedies can alleviate but not cure the disease.

Disease prevention

People with cervical spine problems will have to spend time in this area regularly in order to start full activity again and will not face this problem in the future.

When talking about the prevention of cervical osteochondrosis, one should pay attention to:

  • The importance of diet-food should be rich in calcium and magnesium (milk and fish products, beans and grains) and vitamins.
  • It takes time to maintain the physical shape of the body (swimming is very useful), then the muscle corset of the neck will be strong enough and will reduce the burden on the spine.
  • The importance of eliminating (or reducing the impact) factors that cause cervical spine chondropathy from life. The symptoms and treatment are unpleasant and lengthy, and prevention is very simple and easy.